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Weird and wonderful things found down the back of your sofa

The crevices between cushions and down the back of our sofas seem to suck items in like a black hole. It’s only when a spring clean comes around that we discover all the nicks and nacks buried down there- some more surprising than others! 

We asked you on Instagram for the best things you’ve discovered behind your cushions and there’s a few humdingers… 


Starting with the obvious, money is the most discovered thing during a sofa clean out. Coppers and silvers are the most common, but there are tales of hundreds and occasionally thousands being discovered! Even credit cards have been found by movers and re-upholsterers. So, if you’ve misplaced a card, maybe try the couch.  

If your sofa is second-hand, it might even be worth cutting the seam underneath and seeing what you can find that way. Who knows, with its long history, there might be a small profit hiding in there! 

Family Photos 

Strolling down memory lane, old photographs, clippings and letters everywhere, it’s easy to see how something could slip through the cracks. One response told us of an old photo of their grandparents found down the sofa. Probably a lovely discovery which was hopefully well preserved – at least it won’t be sun faded! 

Your Kid’s Stash 

Children love sticking things into places they shouldn’t go, making the sofa a prime hiding place for sweet wrappers, dummies, toys and all sorts. If a favourite has gone missing, try hunting in the sofa.  

Top Tip: To find small items and collect rubbish, use a hoover with a pair of tights over the nozzle to grab any hidden objects without sucking them up.  

Your Cat’s Stash 

Children and cats have hiding things in common! Some cats really love to hard, particularly if they’re getting broody. They choose one kind of object and pick one place to store them, and the sofa is a great little hideaway. Mice brought in by your fluff-friend also end up tucked away somewhere, whether living or deceased, it’s worth rooting around, especially if your cat gets crazy eyes around the sofa. 


Bracelets, necklaces rings, and most often earrings are prime contenders for sofa clutter. Easy to lose and difficult to find, sofas suck these small things up like a sponge. Use the hoover and tights trick to go searching. After a good clean they’ll be as good as new. 

 Phones and IPods 

It’s surprising how many people have decided to replace their tech before looking down the sofa! Slim phones are easily lost, though less often now as we’re so attached to them. As iPods have phased out of use, some have been misplaced, fallen between the cushions and only found years later during a home move! Who knew ultra-small tech could be a downside. In a few years, how many wireless earphones will be buried down there do you think…? 

This just goes to show, it’s always worth looking in the most obvious places. Who knows what might turn up!

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