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How to Turn your Living Room into a Home Cinema

Streaming services bring the hottest new film and TV releases straight to your sofa, so enjoy them at their best.

Take your next binge-watch to another level with these handy TV tips.

Viewing distance

A comfortable viewing distance makes all the difference.

To get the best experience of your TV’s picture, sit 6-10 feet away from the screen- closer to 6 feet if it’s on the smaller side. For 4k ultra-HD TVs, no quality is lost no matter how close you get, so you could sit as close as 5 feet to a large 4k TV to enjoy a truly immersive picture.

Having your sofa facing parallel to your screen is always going to give you a better picture too. Speaking of sofas…


If you have a large household, a corner sofa is a wonderful way to give everyone a clear view of the TV. It’s also fantastic for snuggling up in front of your favourite show, especially with a relaxing chaise end.

For ultimate convenience, choose a sofa with a media tray to keep remotes, snacks, and drinks to hand.

If you enjoy 3D films – a sofa with a high back will keep your viewing angle straight and keep the 3D effect looking clear and crisp.

If you like to enjoy your films solo, invest in a quality reclining armchair. There’s no better way to enjoy a little escapism than total, weightless comfort.

Avoid reflections

Reflections on your screen can spoil the mood of a film. The best solution: Darkness. Switch off the ceiling light before settling in, and for the best effect, invest in some think curtains.

If windows are an issue, position your screen with the light behind it.

A floor lamp is great for a bit of ambient lighting- especially if it has a dimmer switch. Position the light away from your screen at an angle to keep it from reflecting off the screen.

Sound quality

A sound bar is great for small rooms. They have become quite advanced in recent years with an impressive depth of sound- an effective and simple way to get great audio.

Surround sound is always effective and can be integrated into your living room more easily than you think. Tuck small speakers in bookcases or on shelves and keep your subwoofer on the floor for resonant bass.

For rich, clear sound, invest in a dense rug to absorb sound waves. This is especially effective on a wooden floor.

Use a virtual assistant to control your smart TV

Most smart TVs are compatible with virtual assistants like Alexa or Google home. Take full advantage of this new voice-activated tech, and you won’t need to find the control to pause Netflix, play Spotify or switch to YouTube.

Cable management

Reign in your cables! It might seem tedious but anyone trying to figure out which HDMI goes where will thank you.

To tidy that rat’s nest, label your cables with coloured tape, then zip wire them together along their length- instant neatness!

Also try not to buy wires that are too long. A 10-metre cable for your Blu-ray player might be a little excessive.

A well-organised living room makes film and tv enjoyment effortless. So, get some popcorn, hit the lights, and let the show begin.

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