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How To Create A Wall Hanging In A Day | Spare Room Transformations

Love to entertain friends and family but feel your spare room is lacking that boutique-hotel vibe? Taking a fresh look at the space and adding some quirky, creative touches could be the answer.

Take this DIY yarn wall hanging, for instance. Charming and folksy, it’s easy to create and it’ll make your spare room guest-ready in no time. Add a decanter of fresh water, a stack of good books, some slippers and a towel and hey presto! Your spare room is transformed into a Pinterest-worthy guest bedroom, and it only took you a day to do it.

Lori, a creative stylist, content creator and founder of interiors and lifestyle blog wildandgrizzly, shows you how…

Harveys Furniture How To Create Your Wall Hanging

• Two different shades of merino wool/yarn
• A pole (you could also use a branch)
• Two different-sized hoops/rings (Lori used gold to compliment the grey wool)
• Three to four large wooden craft beads
• Scissors
• Clear tape

1. Hold the end of the darker shade of wool in one hand and measure a long length and loop over your fingers of your other hand. Continue to wind lengths of wool between your two hands until you have around 10 loops.

2. Now you have a long length of looped wool, keep your hand in one end of the loop and set your pole on a flat surface. Lay the pole on top of the wool and with the other hand, feed the long length through the centre of your looped wool and pull. This should secure the yarn to the pole.

Thread your yarn onto your pole

3. Repeat this step 11 times until your pole is almost full of hanging yarn.

Cut interesting shapes in your yarn

4. Take a ruler and measure across the yarn. Use scissors to create various shapes or steps in the wall hanging to make an interesting pattern. Be sure to cut through the loops at the end so you have a fringe effect.

Add a lighter coloured yarn

5. Now take the lighter coloured yarn and repeat the above steps three times and secure in various points on top of the already threaded pole.

6. Cut through the end of the lighter coloured yarn and tape the very end, allowing you to thread the wooden beads.

Secure a bead in your yarn

7. Create a knot half way up the light yarn to secure the bead in place.

8. Take another piece of yarn and tie it to the end of the pole, then thread through the hoop before attaching to the other end of the pole.

Use a hoop to finish your design

9. You can use a second hoop to create an interesting design, before hanging it on the wall.

10. Finally, set up your finishing touches below the wall hanging, ready for your guests’ arrival.

Complete your new guest space with a sofa bed – perfect for somewhere to curl up with a good book or relax when you’re finished playing host. If you have a whole weekend free, why not refresh your spare room with our chest of drawers upcycling tutorial?

Need your unused space to work harder? Here are some more spare room ideas – start transforming yours today.



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