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Packing Tips for Moving to a New Home Stress-Free

Moving to a new house is a daunting task, but with some savvy planning, the packing process will be a breeze.

Start as soon as possible

Plan ahead by writing a list of tasks as soon as you know the move-in date.

Start small and work up by tidying first, then packing small items and working up to books, appliances and so on.

Take it room by room, day bay day, and packing will feel simple and smooth.

Measure your furniture and make room plans

The last thing you need on move-in day is a sofa stuck in a doorway.

Measure the depth, width and height of your sofa to make sure it can get to your living room easily.

The same applies to dining tables- check the length to make sure it will be possible to manoeuvre it into your dining room.

Take an inventory of your furniture and make a room plan for your new home. Knowing where you want to place everything in advance makes things far easier on move-in day, and once your dining table, chairs and sofa are in place, the house will start to feel more like your own.

Declutter first

There’s no need to take boxes of unnecessary or unwanted items to your new home, so before you move, consider a serious spring clean.

Take it a room at a time and consider what needs to be thrown and what could be recycled. Old, worn out clothes can go to fabric recycling, and unwanted items can always be donated to local charity shops.

Find your local recycling centre and clear your house of clutter in an eco-friendly way.

Pack a survival suitcase

Pack some essentials together and keep them handy so when you arrive at your new home, you can easily get clean and comfy. Take hygiene supplies, sleepwear and bedding – plus everything you need for a cup of tea. You’ve earned it.

Protect your Furniture

It’s important to protect your furniture before loading it into the van- who knows the damage a pothole can cause!

Remove the legs from your dining table and wrap them up to keep them safe. You can do the same with some large sofa feet too, if a screw is visible, they can be easily removed.

Cover all your large pieces of furniture with blankets to keep them clean and safe. Protect the corners of your sofa with cardboard to avoid knocks and scrapes.

Wrap things like side tables and coffee tables securely. If you use a blanket, secure it around the legs to keep them safe.

If you’re taking any lamps, remove the bulbs first, wrap them well and store them in a separate box.

Pack soft things with fragile items

This is good way to keep all your breakables safe without using endless rolls of plastic bubble wrap – so it’s eco-friendly too!

Fill any spaces in a box with cushions, towels, bedding or anything soft. This stops your valuables moving around, keeping everything in one piece for the grand unboxing

Unpack in Order

Unload your furniture before everything else, then place each box in the appropriate room. This is far easier if you’ve cleverly marked each box by room in advance! The survival suitcase will see you through the night, and you can start unpacking the next day.

Take one area at a time, starting with the room you use the most, and you’ll have a happy new home with no fuss at all.

Congratulations on your new home!

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