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How to Make Your Room Lighter and Brighter

Tired of short days and long nights? Bring a bit more light into your home, with Harvey’s Furniture. We’ve pulled together a few tips and tricks about how to lighten up your living room and brighten your dining area without breaking the bank.

Choose neutral colours

Here’s some simple science: light colours reflect more light. You might enjoy cosy burgundy wallpaper or sultry painted ceilings, but the deeper and darker the colour you choose, the more light it will absorb. If you are looking to redecorate to make your interior spaces a little brighter, try choosing more neutral colours for your walls.

Don’t worry about it looking plain; a cream and beige living room is easy to characterise with a leather suite and wooden tables.

Paint your ceiling white

Alternatively, if you prefer to keep the colour on your walls, you could always lighten things up at the top. Paint your ceiling white to brighten up a room in its entirety without swapping out beloved bits of furniture or stripping the colour from your home.

Hang more mirrors

Hanging a mirror is one of the cheapest ways to make your room lighter – especially if you have coloured walls. They can break up the flow of colour with an illusion of space, while distributing light around the room effectively. For best results, try to hang your mirror opposite a window, that way it will help to illuminate the dark side of your sideboard or your nest of tables. Otherwise, distribute smaller mirrors throughout a room for a subtler brightening effect.

Upon reflection

Carry that reflective mentality through to other areas of your home to improve light in more dramatic ways. Harveys Furniture offer tables and dining sets in a range of reflective materials, with glass, gloss, and marble options all capable of bouncing light around a room.

Work on your shade

When you cannot get enough daylight, brighten up your rooms with lamps and other light fixtures. The shade on your ceiling light plays an enormous part in the ambience of your room, but the bulb itself is just as important. Energy efficient CFL and LED light bulbs are available with different tones and hues, from harsh whites to soft glows. Textured, translucent material lamp shades can take the edge off sharp lighting, while statement pendant lamp shades are excellent for distributing softer light around a room.

Improve your lighting

Every living space deserves more than one source of light. Overhead lighting is a given, but you should also include a couple of sources of task or ambient lighting. Task lighting is positioned to brighten a specific area of a room, like a lamp table. While ambient lighting is less practical and more decorative, like candles or dynamic LED strips for entertainment units.

Move any obstacles

Tall or bulky furniture could be blocking the flow of light through your room. If you have bookshelves and high display units, make sure they are flush to a wall – ideally against one that isn’t parallel to the window. Try to squeeze your furniture into any available niches or alcoves or opt for shorter storage solutions that aren’t going to darken your room.

Love your windows

Last, but certainly not least, you need to show your windows some love. If you want to maximise the amount of light coming into your room, make sure your windows are washed regularly, and that you aren’t unnecessarily obstructing light with dark drapes or overgrown outdoor shrubbery.

Harveys Furniture, helping bring a little light into your home. 

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