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Introducing Curved Furniture into your Living Room

Get ahead of the curve by bringing it home! Shapely furniture lends a natural flow to any room and has its roots in some of the most celebrated furniture innovations of the 20th Century. 

Lucky for us, curvy sofa and table designs have found their way from New York penthouses into the hearts and minds of modern designers, and their striking elegance is capturing the eye of interior stylists and inspiration boards alike. 

So, what is the best way to bring these shapely designs home? Well, we have a few ideas to get you started.  

High Glam Showstopper 

Curvaceous sofas have been around since the pioneer era of modern design when they furnished the high-end homes of the day, so glam and indulgence comes as second-nature to shapely furniture. 

The top tip here is- don’t hold back. If you love everything glitzy and shiny, go all out and opt for a crushed velvet effect fabric for your curved sofa, you can even pair it with some mirrored furniture.  

Whatever you desire, in the true spirit of luxury, you can have. Glamour never goes by halves.  

Cosy Curves 

Alongside its opulent history, the natural flow offered by a curved sofa is also perfect for a snug, personal space.  

Any formality in the living room melts into rounded shapes and a curved sofa is everything you need to relax. A round footstool or circular loveseat adds to the all-comfy-everywhere feeling, so you can curl up anywhere you fancy.  

In a smaller room, surround your sofa with bookshelves or shapely nesting tables to keep everything you need to hand wherever you sit.  

Think Outside the Box 

Abandon the lines of the traditional living room and think away from the walls with a stunning curved sofa.  

Offering many of the same benefits of a corner sofa, its curvy shape lends plenty of space to sink in or spread out in a natural and organic way. The wide arc of a crescent sofa like our Trinity breaks away from the wall, allowing free and creative placement, and if space allows, it will happily sit in the middle of the room soaking up all the limelight. 

Also, what this shape can achieve with light is truly remarkable. A rounded back invites light around its curves and into your room, ideal for large windows which could feel blocked by a straight sofa.  

The Social Element 

It’s amazing what furniture, and where you place it, can do to change the social atmosphere of a room. 

A crescent-shaped sofa lets us loosen up and helps conversation flow far more naturally. It might seem almost superstitious, but the reasons are simple- if we can see each other easily, we talk more! Plus, sharing a seat makes everyone feel included, so no more lonely armchair sitting across the room. 

To round it off, a circular coffee table makes for a unifying hub in front of the sofa- a perfect social centrepiece.  

Curved furniture is all about creating a natural and organic space, so whether your home is grand and contemporary or if you prefer to create a cosy book nook, defy tradition with some curvy shapes. 

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