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How To Clean Furniture After Crafting

Having your little ones at home is nothing but a delight and a blessing, right? That is until you discover the mess that gets left behind once they’ve finished exploring their ‘creative sides’. Paint splatters on the dining room table, play dough trodden into the carpet – and even the dog’s covered in glitter.

Before you ban art and craft for good, there are some easy ways to tackle the mess crafty kids leave behind – ones that don’t involve ruining their fun. Six hardworking mums share their clean-up advice to keep your sofa looking great (and your sanity intact)…

Harveys furniture | How do I remove a stain

How do I remove a sofa stain?

“I clean stickiness off leather by filling a bowl with warm soapy water until bubbles form. Using a barely damp cloth, I dip the cloth into the bubbles on the surface and rub the leather gently until the sticky bits have gone. You can dry it out with a dash of bicarbonate of soda. When it dries, just vacuum it off.” Becky, mother of two from Spirited Puddle Jumper.

“After messy sitting room activities, brush off any excess dust before cleaning furniture and sponge with cold water to remove surface marks. I only use approved upholstery cleaners on stubborn stains.” Emma, busy mum of three from Life At The Little Wood.

Harveys furniture | Best way to clean furniture

What’s the best way to clean furniture?

“My kids love to paint, so I use water-based children’s paint and clean up splatters before they get the chance to dry. Wet kitchen roll is great for blotting this type of paint. Dab the spot repeatedly until the paint has disappeared. I use a dry cloth on my sofa to avoid water marks. Blotting stops the stain from spreading.” Rachel, mum to two boys, from The Ordinary Lovely.

“I clean up my dog’s mucky prints and my son’s messy play spillages with a damp cloth, then use leather wipes on my sofa. They’re soft, remove dirt quickly and add moisture. To clean the fabric sofa, I mix soap or shampoo with cold water, as hot water can ‘set’ the stain. I then use a sponge or clean cloth to blot. Try not to rub as that can push the stain further into the fabric.” Samantha, mum to one son from Happy Home Bird.

Harveys furniture | How to keep the house clean

How do I keep the house clean?

“Prevent stains by protecting your floor and furniture with plastic sheets or a craft mat. Painting can lead to water spills onto your furniture, so make sure you blot (not wipe) the excess water to avoid these. Dab off the excess and leave to dry naturally.” Keri-Anne, mother to two girls, from Ginger Lilly Tea.

“If you’ve got a stain, deal with it immediately. If using a baby wipe doesn’t work, try good old Fairy Liquid and cold water. Get yourself some baking soda and white vinegar – the cleaning dream team that can remove limescale from your sink and leave surfaces sparkling.” Vicky, mum of two from The Owl And The Accordion.

Now you’re prepared for a little mess, get crafty with these kids activities – perfect for whatever the weather throws at you.

Need some extra help cleaning your furniture? Check out our guides on looking after your leather and fabric furnishings.

Please note, we recommend customers use our furniture care kits or purchase ‘Care and Protection’ at point of purchase. These tips have not been test by Harveys on any of our furniture, therefore we cannot be held responsible for any damage that occurs as a result. We recommend that all tips are tested on a small patch of furniture first.


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