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Decoration ideas for a Spooktacular Halloween

The wind is howling, the rain is pouring and the branches clatter against the window like ghostly hands…. It’s Halloweeeeen 

Set the mood for some scary movies and horror stories by torchlight with these crafty ideas. 

Abandoned furniture 

Want to make your home feel like a haunted house and protect your furniture for the Halloween party at the same time? Drape white cloths over your sofa and side table for a haunted house aesthetic. Who knows what’s really underneath! 

All Pumpkins great and small 

Mix up your pumpkin display this year with squashes and gourds of all sizes. Instead of carving them up, add some black or white paint for a spooky feel.  

Ah! Spiders! 

Here’s one for the kids. Ping pong balls and pipe cleaners combine to make cute spiders that won’t send you running for a newspaper! Paint your ping pong ball black and add some googly eyes. Don’t forget to paint the mouth- with pointy teeth for added effect. Then tie four black pipe cleaners together in the middle, fan them out and bend them to make eight creepy legs. Stick them to the bottom of your ping pong ball and there you have it! Boris the spider himself. Attach him to some fabric cobwebs or use a needle and thread to hang him from the rafters. Make as many as your creepy-crawly heart desires! 

Creepy trees 

Search garden for some branches and sticks then indoors for a haunted forest feel. Place them upright in some plant pots, supported by a little soil, or push them into the top of your pumpkins. Spray-paint them glossy black to get an especially sinister aesthetic. 

They’re always watching… 

There’s something about eyes which is fundamentally creepy, don’t you think? Paint ping pong balls with an iris and pupil and place them in unsuspecting areas of the house…. The weirder the better. Or use a large needle to thread a bunch together to create an unsettling wreath of eyeballs! 

Haunted mirrors 

Privacy coating for windows is a great idea. And when used creatively this frosted film can serve a new purpose- ghostly mirrors! Draw your ghost on the back of the paper and cut them out, starting with the eyes. Smooth the film on to the mirror, or window, slowly and carefully pressing down to avoid air bubbles. And there you have it – your room is haunted! 

Glass ghosts 

Here’s an easy way to make use of your old glass bottles and jars. Use a glass spray painting kit to paint the outside of the glass white. Add a candle inside for a haunting glow and some googly eyes for the finishing touch. You could also use glow in the dark paint for an extra-ghostly look! 

Ghoulish Garlands 

Get crafty with orange, black and white paper and string some Halloween-y garlands through your home. It’s as simple as cutting strips or triangles of coloured and patterned paper then stringing them up. Use a hole punch at each corner to thread the string through. Then stick some Halloween-themed ribbon across the top to cover the string, and you’re all set for a spooky celebration.

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