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Colour me happy

Whether it’s putting on a sad song to pair with a quiet moment of melancholy, or reaching for a big slab of chocolate after a tough day, most of us are in tune with certain ways we can change our mood or influence our state of mind. But did you know that the use of colour in your home is another method you can use to inspire you in your daily life?

Karen Haller, a renowned applied colour psychology expert, believes that “colour has the power to change how we think, feel and behave in an instant.” So, what do you want to achieve with your transformational new ally by your side?

Improve your love life

If you’re looking to spice up your romantic liaisons, there’s only one colour. Vibrant reds like rich scarlets scream passion, so this is the shade for you to bring out your hot and steamy side. On the other hand, maybe you’re after something to suit your snuggly evenings on the sofa with your loved one. In that case, go for soothing soft pinks linked with compassion and nurturing to get your partner dishing out extra cuddles. Or perhaps you want to assert a little bit of authority in your love life. Go for a feisty magenta to convey your independence and show who’s boss.

Cheerful young couple in the morning at home.

Healthy eating

What was the colour of most of the food you hated as a kid? Broccoli, green beans, spinach, mushy peas, asparagus and – the worst of the worst – sprouts. Most of us realise when we grow up though, that green food is usually healthy food. So reconnect with nature by choosing a green sofa to relax on, which will help you to pick out some healthy ingredients when you make tracks for the kitchen.

Exercise more

As well as inspiring feelings of passion, red is also great for lighting a fire in your belly when it comes to fitness. It’s a physically stimulating colour, so there’s nothing better to encourage you to get up off your sofa and hit the gym or head out for a run.

Curb your spending

Does your front room usually act as a gateway to online shopping on your phone, laptop or tablet? Are you doing your accounts, or have you got something you need to save up for? Lots of us feel like we need to reign in our spending from time to time. Or all of the time. Whichever it is, dark blue is here to help. It’s the colour of the mind, and helps our logic and reasoning usher rational focus into our financial decisions.

Brighten up your social life

Whether you regularly entertain or prefer to space out your gatherings at home, you may be looking to liven things up when your friends and family come to visit. Orange is perfect for encouraging fun and laughter, and its warmth and brightness will help you and your guests feel chatty and playful.

two happy young men showing thumbs up

Boost your confidence

As Bob Marley once sang, “sun is shining, the weather is sweet.” Yellow is an uplifting colour that as well as making you want to move your dancing feet, makes us feel happy, optimistic and confident. If you’re looking for a little boost to take on a daunting challenge or try something new, try different shades of yellow, such as mustard, amber or honey.

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