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Coffee table décor ideas to inspire any space

Whether you’re keen to spruce up the table in your living room or you’re looking for ways to uniquely uplift a conservatory, there are plenty of options when it comes to inspirational coffee table décor.

Coffee tables form a central part of any seating arrangement and serve both a practical and aesthetic purpose. Tie them into the rest of your décor and make them look effortlessly chic without compromising on functionality with the following ideas.

wooden coffee table

Choosing your coffee table

If you’re replacing an old coffee table or buying one for the first time, consider what style will best suit your needs. Is your living room quite small and in need of a table that won’t completely fill the space? Perhaps you have kids or pets who might easily bump into a table that’s too delicate?

Wooden coffee tables are one of the most versatile designs as they’re both highly practical and offer up a timeless look. Nevertheless, opting for something more daring like a glass table or marble top table can in itself be a style statement. If extra storage space is a priority, why not consider a coffee table with a shelf underneath it or one that has drawers?

Decorating your coffee table 

The sky really is the limit when it comes to coffee table décor. From opting for something simple yet effective to going all out with a theme, read on to discover how you can transform your living room with just a few easy interior ideas.

Keep it simple

If you’re not a fan of clutter and like your coffee table to be largely functional, why not consider decorating it with just one statement piece? Perhaps you have a nice sculpture you’re keen to show off or you want to add some colour to your room with a big vase of your favourite flowers. 

Consider your other furnishings

Have you got a chunky sofa that takes up quite a bit of space in your living room? Balancing it out with a simpler coffee table will make the room feel less cluttered. Similarly, patterned sofas or rooms with vibrant wallpaper often look best with coffee table décor that’s stripped back and sophisticated.

Go for a theme 

Love the seaside? Have a penchant for Eastern inspired interiors? Injecting some of your own personality and flair into your coffee table décor is a great way to create a look that’s not only unique but also likely to appeal to you for a longer amount of time. Use ornaments you’ve collected on your travels or take inspiration from nature with things like shells, plants or rocks.  

Be inspired by the seasons

If you’re a person who likes changing things up frequently, switching your coffee table décor with the seasons is a great compromise. In the winter, you might go for some spiced scented candles and a table runner in a rustic shade, while spring calls for something brighter like pastel tones and a nice display of budding blooms.

Colour coordinate

Coordinating your coffee table with the rest of your room’s décor is a prime way to create an instantly stylish space. For instance, why not buy some coasters or a table runner in the same shade as your sofa or scatter cushions? 

What about decorating glass coffee tables?

Due to their transparency, statement glass coffee tables can often be a little trickier to decorate as there’s nowhere to hide clutter out of view. If the table has a shelf, you’ll want to carefully consider what you place on it. Stacks of books can be a good option or you could use it to artfully display a larger ornament. If you need the space for storage, try getting some attractive boxes that will slide nicely on to the shelf.

When it comes to the top of your glass coffee table, it’s best to keep the décor fairly minimalist. Place a few coasters evenly around the edges to protect the glass surface from hot drink stains, and then maybe add one or two statement items in the centre such as a nice pot plant, a ceramic dish or something more personal.


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