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How to choose the right loveseat for your apartment

Compact, stylish and a comfortable size for two to cuddle on or one to stretch out, loveseats make great seating options for smaller homes. They’re one of our top space saving solutions for those living in apartments, as they can slot nicely into rooms with tinier dimensions.

Here we take a look at exactly what makes these seats so versatile and charming, as well as how to choose the perfect smaller loveseat for an apartment.

Firstly, why are loveseats great for smaller spaces?

In general, loveseats fall somewhere in between full-size sofas and cosy armchairs, meaning they simultaneously offer comfort and convenience. They can be the perfect size for one or – if you’re in the mood for sharing – two people.

While loveseats are generally all a very similar size, things like their fabric, colour and whether they have cushioned or hard arms will make a difference to their overall look and how practical (and comfy) they are to you.

Choosing a loveseat for an apartment

How big is your apartment?

Before choosing any kind of seating solution for your home, you’ll first want to first consider how much space you have. Apartments typically tend to be less spacious than houses, however, many also come with open plan living spaces which can actually give you quite a bit of flexibility when it comes to your furnishings.

Loveseats are available in all kinds of designs and with various cushion thicknesses, too, so having some idea of the space you’re planning on placing it in is crucial. Measure up your room and keep in mind existing furniture or pieces you might be planning to purchase alongside your loveseat.

Will your loveseat be practical or pretty?

It’s worth asking yourself before you choose a loveseat for your apartment whether it’ll be the main sofa in your living room or if it’ll simply be there to complement one you’ve already got.

If you know it will mainly be used by guests rather than yourself, you can afford to let your loveseat be slightly less practical and perhaps pile it high with some nice cushions for a decorative finishing touch.

 What about coordinating loveseats?

If you have a slightly larger living room to work with, picking out a sofa with a coordinating loveseat is a wonderfully easy way to add ample seating and style to your home. Many of our sofa ranges come with matching loveseats, or you could instead try to colour coordinate two items from different ranges. If you’ve already got a sofa but can’t find a loveseat that’s a close enough match, coordinating things like cushions and throws might even be all it takes to make the look work.

Caring for a loveseat

Are loveseats easy to clean?

Just like any sofa or armchair, loveseats can be very simple to maintain if you look at their care instructions closely, and clear up any spills as soon as they happen to prevent staining.

Loveseats can be susceptible to a certain amount of wear and tear after a few years of use, which is why it’s important to always clean them regularly. You should aim to do this by vacuuming in the creases for any loose crumbs or hairs, plumping up the cushions so they don’t sag, and washing or dry-cleaning the covers annually if they’re able to be removed.

Bring some added comfort and style to your apartment, when you browse our extensive collection of loveseats today.

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