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Bring Some Zen to Your Home This National Spring Cleaning Week

There’s nothing better than a spring clean. As we head towards the lighter and warmer months of the year, it‘s time to declutter and get everything tidy, so we can enjoy our homes to the fullest.

The overall ethos of spring cleaning ties in with the principles of Feng Shui. It’s all about maximising your potential through the enhancement of your space, balancing and optimising the energy in it to benefit everyone who lives there. Our homes are reflections of who we are as people; that’s why cluttered homes generate a negative and lethargic attitude within us, while creative and organised spaces boost our wellbeing and productivity.

With the arrival of National Spring Cleaning Week (5-11th March 2018), we’ve enlisted the help of Feng Shui expert Priya Sher. Here, she gives us her top tips and tricks for bringing some zen and positive energy to your home this spring.

  1. Create good first impressions

The front door is the getaway to our homes, and first impressions count. It’s not just about pleasing guests; how the entrance to your home looks affects your own perception of the place you live in. Ensure the door opens smoothly, fix any disrepair and freshen the paintwork.  Place one healthy evergreen either side of the front door and a welcome mat outside it to invite positive energy into your home. 

  1. Keep the hall clear

The hall is also key; it’s where opportunities arrive and where energy enters then disperses throughout your home. It’s important you keep this area clear and free of clutter, allowing that positive energy to flow through your home unobstructed. Adding a mirror, such as the Hampshire Dark Wall Mirror, will allow the space to open up – while lighting a fragranced cantle can provide a real lift.

  1. Use the correct scale to create harmony

The living room is the heart of any family home, and should support a sense of harmony. It must be both a space for relaxation and a place to entertain guests, meaning an inviting and soothing atmosphere is required. Always respect the proportions of the room by selecting furniture in a size that suits its surroundings. For example, a small living room would be best suited to a smaller sofa such as the Compact Chaise, while the depth and comfort of a Featherby Corner sofa will feel just right in larger rooms.

  1. Arrange your furniture for optimum comfort

Ideally, you’ll want your largest sofa to have its back to a wall, to provide a sense of support to the occupants of the home. You’ll want to choose something really comfortable, so consider any options that come with a chaise or footstool, which will allow you to put your feet up after a long day and really unwind. Harveys Edit Collection and Edit Accessories feature a range of sofas that are comfortable, and seamlessly include things like chaises or footstools for quality downtime.

  1. Think about your orientation

Which direction your living space faces will affect how much light it receives, which has an enormous impact on its energy. If your living room is in the east, southeast, south or southwest; choose furniture that’s relaxing and cooler in colour to calm the brightness of the space. Grey, charcoal, cream, beige or blue are all great choices – and respond well to the already warmer/yang nature of the room. The Stanmore Cofee Table, or the Cairo Rug in latte are excellent options.

Meanwhile, if your room faces west, northwest, north or northeast; the opposite is true. Use warmer tones like oranges, reds or browns to heat up the naturally cool/yin feel of the space. The Hampshire Large Sideboard in oak, and the Addison Rug in red are well suited.

Get the perfect aura in your home with the help of Harveys Furniture, the nation’s favourite furniture specialist.

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