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12 Blogs of Christmas: 5 Cheeky Elf on the Shelf Ideas 

You know the score, the decorations go up, an elf appears in your house, and he gets up to all sorts of high jinks to amuse kids and parents alike.  

Here’s some ideas to keep your elf busy and the kids entertained, just remember to move him before they wake up! 

1 – Doing some last-minute Christmas shopping  

As Santa’s assistant, your elf needs to keep on top of the presents, but oh no, he’s been caught in the act, and with your credit card! 

Leave him on your laptop or keyboard with an online shop on the screen, credit card in felt hand. It’ll be obvious what he’s been getting up to.  

2 – Stealing some snacks 

It’s not easy for a small elf to reach the kitchen counter. 

Build some elf-sized stairs out of cereal boxes and tins for him to climb up. Then place him with an incriminating hand in the biscuit jar at the top. The naughty treat thief! 

3- Rolling down the stairs in loo roll 

Elves are playful little things when they’re not hard at work. Have him crawl through a tube of loo roll then roll him down the stairs, paper trailing behind.  

This definitely won’t give the kids any ideas! 

4 – Hanging from the fixtures 

Sneaky elves are fun to find, and the last place anyone looks is up. Hang him from the ceiling light so he can keep watch before reporting back to Santa at night.  

5 – Popping out of a present 

Make use of your empty delivery boxes with this cheeky idea. Wrap your box like one of the presents, cut a hole in it and have your elf pop out of the top.  

It’ll look like someone accidentally got wrapped up at Santa HQ! 

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